Kakatsitsi Education

Kakatsitsi seek to educate people in the social role of traditional African music and dance, portraying African culture in a positive way, and offering alternatives to images of Africa as primitive and conflict ridden.

Their approach is essentially participatory, and children are encouraged to find outlets for their creative potential, using existing techniques and styles as the basis for their own improvisations.  Through making music together, the group also builds important skills of listening, concentration, teamwork and discipline.

The ideal format is for the group to spend a full day in each school, with a whole-school performance followed by four 45-60 mins, hands-on workshops.

Each workshop period can accommodate up to 60-65 children, divided into 2 class sized groups in two spaces. Each class spends 22-30 minutes on either drumming or dance before swapping over half way through the period.

“ Thank you for the performance yesterday, it was magical. The spontaneous applause and cheering from the children at the end said it all. A lot of the children were fascinated by the box drum made out of plywood, and a number of classes came back to school and searched the classrooms to see what objects they could use as a drum. Life- long memories and experiences are one of the best things we can give to children during their time in  school”.

Ian Robinson, Headmaster, Monkton Heathfield Primary School

Approximate Timetable

The times given are approximate and can be adapted to suit the timetable of a school day / the ages of the children involved. Times and capacities also vary depending on the educational package booked.









Whole School


School Hall

10.15 – 11.00

   Workshop 1

60 children


School Hall plus 1 nearby room


   Workshop 2

60 children


School Hall plus 1 nearby room

13.00 – 14.00

   Workshop 3

60 children


School Hall plus 1 nearby room

14.15 – 15.15

   Workshop 4

60 children


School Hall plus 1 nearby room

“WOW! What an absolutely INCREDIBLE day and experience we had yesterday with Kakatsitsi – an AMAZING drumming group visiting from Ghana! The children and staff were so fortunate to share the amazing talent, music, culture and positive energy from these fabulous people. From the moment the first drum was played to the final beat of the last performance, the day was full of dance, laughter and very happy faces. A truly unforgettable experience that we will be repeating for sure!”

Boyton Primary School, Cornwall