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The Kakatsitsi Master Drummers from Ghana are known for their neo-traditional, funky, groovy and trancey style of drumming, designed to move western dance floors and built around the style of lead drummer Samuel ‘Injoly’ Addo. The quality of their singing also sets them aside from many other African drumming groups.

A list of the many kinds of performances and workshops they deliver can be viewed here.

Kakatsitsi has evolved into a collective of leading Ghanaian drummers, dancers and singiners based both in Accra, Ghana and in London.

To see some pictures of the 2022 UK tour, and other pictures of the group,  please visit their Facebook page

To watch videos of Kakatsitsi, please visit their Youtube Channel

Kakatsitsi have a very strong educational dimension, delivering educational performances and workshops across the UK and Ireland.

Their educational work delivers a wide range of educational outcomes identifiedin the National Curriculum, Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and Curriculum of the Republic of Ireland. These include promoting positive images of black / African people, dispelling negative sterotypes and the prejudice they can inform, celebrating cultural difference and tolerance toward minorities and developing children’s listening, concentration and teamworking skills. We also highlight the many health and wellbeing benefits of drumming, dancing and singing together. We 

For more informaton, please see the education menu.

Kakatsitsi’s music, including traditional, traditional-fusion (featuring Mbilou) and electro-fusion dance music, can be streamed on Kakatsitsi’s sound-cloud page.