Links with the National Curriculum

Our performance and workshops complement many areas of the Foundation Stage and National Curricula.

Foundation stage

  • Learning about and respecting the cultures of other people
  • Maintaining attention and concentrating
  • Being confident to try new activities
  • Working as part of  group, taking turns, working together harmoniously
  • Sustaining attentive listening, listening with enjoyment
  • Experimenting with how musical instruments can be played to produce different sounds
  • Recognising / exploring how sounds can be changed
  • Recognising repeated sounds and sound patterns
  • Responding to sound with body movements
  • Expressing thoughts and feelings through music and movement
  • Experiencing live performance

KS1 Music

  • Using their voices expressively
  • Playing tuned and untuned instruments
  • Rehearsing and performing with others
  • Creating musical patterns
  • Exploring and expressing ideas and feelings using movement and dance
  • Listening with concentration  and internalising / recalling sounds
  • Exploring how sounds can be made in different ways
  • Understanding how music is used for particular purposes
  • Exploring how  sounds can be organised and used expressively within simple structures

KS2 Music

  • playing untuned instruments with control and rhythmic accuracy
  • improvising, developing rhythmic  material when performing
  • listening with attention to detail
  • internalising / recalling sounds with increasing aural memory
  • understanding how pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture and silence can be organised and used to communicate different moods and effects
  • how time and place can influence the way music is created, performed and heard


  • listening to other people
  • playing and working cooperatively
  • identifying and respecting the differences and similarities between people


  • thinking about the lives of people living in other places and times, and people with different values and customs

KS2 Geography

  • learning about people, places and environments, and starting to make links between different places in the world