Fire Ceremony

For millennia, humans have danced around the fire, often through the night as part of communal rituals or ceremonies. The San people of Southern Africa, for example, continue to dance around the communal fire as part of their healing ceremonies.


For festivals in the UK / Europe, the various groups represented by Indigenous People are available to create fire dances or ceremonies in which audience members, particularly those who will have participated in drumming, dancing and singing workshops with the indigenous musicians and dancers during the day, will be able to join in. Additionally, by prior arrangement, we can arrange for fire performers to join with the drummers and dancers to present a professional fire-dance which can then evolve into something more communal.

The final ceremony should not ideally be a simple re-creation of a San fire dance / ceremony which would be performed by the Bushmen in Namibia. Instead it is more appropriate to create a neo-traditional ceremony which is appropriate to the western context in which it is occurring. If there are other healers / community arts practitioners at the festival who wish to participate and contribute, this will be welcomed.

One of the underlying aims of the fire-ceremonies is to raise awareness of the health and well-being benefits of participation in traditional or neo-traditional drumming, dancing and singing. More information about these can be found here.


Dancing around the fire with the Kakatsitsi Drummers, Superspirit Camp 2015.

A drum and fire performance at Ashfield Festival in 2005