Target Audience

The Education Sector, Schools and After-Schools workshops

A very high demand exists in the formal educational sector for cultural education services such as that provided by Indigenous People. The Kakatsitsi, Master Drummers from Ghana have enjoyed considerable success in this area and schools work therefore provides a very solid foundation on which the future success of similar projects will be built.


Primary schools (ages 5-11) provide the backbone audience of the organisation, hosting performance/demonstrations followed by drumming and dance workshops. We also visit secondary schools (11-16) and colleges of further education (16-18).

More information about our schools work can be found here.


Music, ethnomusicology and anthropology departments are a growing audience, as well as Afro-Caribbean societies, when they host more cultural events.

Youth / Community Sector Workshops

Workshops are also offered in the after-school period or during the evening at youth/community centres in partnership with the after-school programmes of local schools, youth clubs and other local community groups such as the scouts, guides, cubs or brownies. Evening classes for adults are also popular.


The quality of art and culture on the UK’s summer festival circuit is matched only by its diversity. The growth in the private festivals’ market has been substantial in recent years and while many are focussed on more mainstream popular forms of music, there are enough that cater for African, World or Folk music to provide Indigenous People with considerable opportunities to perform and deliver workshops. While the sector has undergone a significant contraction since 2008 with at times drastic cut backs in funding, local authority festivals, which make a concerted effort to promote diversity and tackle prejudice, have been a very fruitful source of work for Indigenous People.

Arts Centres are always keen on presenting performances of an ethnic or multicultural nature, particularly if they have a well-organised educational dimension that also serves to market the performance.