Educational Prices

The prices below are for a Kakatsitsi educational group of a minimum of 4 musicians / dancers and a manager narrator (up to 8 performers can visit, depending on the size of the group touring).

Prices depend on the length of time (full day, morning, afternoon) and the number of drums we bring.

30 Drum option

15 drum option

£500 for the full day (performance + 4x workshops) £400 for the full day (performance + 4x workshops)
£350 morning session (performance + 2x workshops) £300 morning session (performance + 2x workshops)
£250 afternoon session (performance + 1x workshop) £200 afternoon session (performance + 1x workshop)

The 30 drum option enables us to teach up to 60 children at a time during the workshops, 30 on drums and 30 on either dancing or singing / light percussion. They can deliver a performance for 45-60 mins and up to 4 (full day), 2 (morning) or 1 (afternoon) hour long workshops .

The 15 drum option is the same as the 30 drum option but with a maximum of 30 children participating in the workshops at a time.

For an idea of how a educational day is often structured, please click here.

All Prices are exclusive of transport and, where necessary, accommodation. Transport is charged at 45p a mile from Brighton. If we are in the area anyway, which is often the case, we will share tranport costs between multiple schools to help generate economies of scale.

If a host school is sufficiently far from Brighton to require an overnight stay, or is part of a longer tour or extended stay in an area, a contribution towards accommodation costs is also welcomed.

We appreciate schools’ budgets are very tight and are open to discussions on price, particularly if we are in the area anyway or passing through on tour.