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Kakatsitsi, Master Drummers from Ghana

5-8 member group (3-4 drummers, 2-4 dancers)

Stage performance – (15-100 minutes), which can be broken down into small slots if necessary. The standard venue show is a narrated performance, in which the meaning of the songs and the names of the various instruments are explained to the audience – standard running time is 2*50 mins with an interval. Kakatsitsi use a wide variety of drums and percussion from their own Ga culture and those of the other tribes in Ghana and West Africa. Their style is tailored to suit a western ear and dance floor, with the funky solo drum riffs of the two lead drummers Injoly Addo and Okoe Amarteyfio, plus their high quality vocals led by lead singer Adotey Johnson distinguishing them from other drumming groups for whom the dance is the lead artform.

Acapella singing by Kakatsitsi.

Their performances therefore work best in venues where people can dance, when often the dancers in the group will lead the audience in some participatory ‘follow the leader’ dancing such that the entire audience will dance in unison.

A fireside performance / ceremony / jam can also involve members of the public, particularly those who have participated in earlier drumming, dancing and singing workshops, can join in.

A fireside drumming and dance session @ The Superspirit Camp in 2015

Kakatsitsi also perform well in informal settings, on the grass / street and in amongst the people, requiring no amplification. This is traditional music and dance performed in its original, authentic context.


Kakatsitsi playing on the grass at the Belladrum Festival.

The drummers can also lead a procession in which the drummers carry the Kulomashi processional drums, used to lead the community or audience on the way to a festival or ceremony.


Kakatsitsi with Kulomashie @ African Drum Village

Fusion Performances

Kakatsitsi are available to perform as part of a double or triple bill with their sister groups  – the !Gubi Family from Namibia and the Bwiti musicians of Gabon. The duration of these performances will vary considerably but will include some stand alone tracks by Kakatsitsi as well as traditional fusion tracks with the other African groups.


Kakatitsi & The !Gubi Family @ The Synergy Centre in 2008


Drumming workshops can be provided for a wide variety of different ages and abilities. All inclusive family friendly workshops can be delivered, but ideally younger children should have their own workshop tailored to their needs. Workshops can last between 15 and 90 minutes, depending on age and ability. Drums can be provided.


Dance workshops can either be all inclusive and family friendly or can be broken down into different age ranges and abilities and can last between 20 and 90 minutes.


Dance workshop at Superspirit Camp

Finally, Kakatsitsi can also deliver singing workshops, lasting 15-60 minutes for children, adults or families of all ages.