Educational Materials Development

Inspired by feedback from teachers at schools we have visited on previous tours, as well as partners in Music Education Hubs, we wish to improve the educational aspect of our work by developing educational resource materials to leave with teachers at host schools so they can continue to build on the success of our visit. The materials will include instructional DVDs teaching a variety of rhythms, chants and dance moves which will enable music and dance teachers to teach the material in class as well as develop performances with their children.

We also wish to provide teachers with resource materials with which to teach the children about real life in Ghana, thereby improving the children’s understanding of how people really live in both urban and rural settings in Africa. Videos will be filmed in Ghana documenting family life in a deprived community in Accra, the capital of Ghana, as well as in a village in the Northern Region of Ghana. Subjects to be covered include climate, housing, sanitation, food, transport, entertainment, education, the extended family, important social gatherings such as outdoorings (when a newborn baby is shown to the community for the first time), weddings and funerals and religion.

The videos will be filmed by Indigenous People Director, Steven Peake, in Ghana using broadcast quality cameras already owned by the charity. Steve will fly to Ghana with Kofi Adarkwah, the lead dancer of Kakatsitsi who is based in the UK. While in Ghana, they will work with 3 other drummers / singers of the Kakatsitsi group to film the drumming, singing and dance elements of the educational DVD. Filming will take 1 week and will take place at the Centre for National Culture, Accra (free of charge) and in locations around Accra.

The footage will be edited by Steve on the company iMac and burned onto DVD when Steve returns to the UK .