Etxo Miadogo

Kakatsitsi’s debut album, recorded in the field on a portable DAT and a single stereo microphone. The first 7 tracks were recorded in a garden in Osu, Accra in 1997, while the last track was recorded in a family house compound in Jamestown, Accra in 1999. The album features some medleys of traditional Ga folk songs, with some social commentary thrown in about Kakatsitsi’s immigration problems which saw their 1997 and 1998 tours cancelled due to the obstruction of the ‘visa people’ at the British High Commission. The last song ‘Poyo Poyo’ was recorded in May 1999, the day before the group were due to go back to the High Commission to collect their visas for their long awaited 1999 tour, after a long struggle that included 16 British MPs writing to the Foreign Office to urge them to grant the drummers their visas. The track includes the line ‘Etxo Miadogo’ which means “We will see you tomorrow”, referring to the ‘visa people’ who would finally handing over the long-awaited visas. The song was recorded in one take and has an air of joy and happiness that comes at the end of a long, successful struggle.

Featuring :

Nii Kwartei Owoo – lead vocals, backing percussion

Asabre Quaye – lead drums, backing vocals

Injoly Addo – lead drums, backing vocals

Afla Sackey – backing drums, backing vocals

Adotey Richter – backing drums, backing vocals

Amorkor Armah – backing percussion, backing vocals

Love Tagoe – backing percussion, backing vocals

Produced and Engineered by Steve Peake.