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Steve Peake is a serial social entrepreneur with interests in African cultural, social and economic development and promoting sustainability and conscious / ethical lifestyles in the West.

1988-91     London School of Economics, Houghton Street, London WC2

BSc (Econ) International Relations, awarded Upper Second.

Other activities include :

  • Social Secretary of Carr-Saunders Hall of Residence, promoting parties and other multicultural events
  • Regular college DJ and multi-cultural events promoter
  • President  – European Society

1991-93     London School of Economics.

MA International History, focusing on the decolonisation of the British Empire, anti-colonial African nationalism and the politics of culture, identity and ethnicity in Europe and Africa.

Dissertation : The Cultural Context of Decolonisation in Ghana, 1950-57.


1991          National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, Washington DC. Public Relations Intern for a human rights organisation specialising in election monitoring and democratic development in developing countries, responsible for publicising the Institute to the with press and Houses of Congress.

1992          Donald Anderson MP, Labour Front Bench Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs with responsibility for Eastern Europe and Africa – Research Assistant.

1994          The Panafest, Capecoast, Ghana, Attending the academic colloquium at the ’94 Panafest provided me with a valuable education in the principles of the Pan-Africanist cultural and political agenda. I have since visited Ghana on ten other occasions, gaining further understanding of Africa and her people and the role of traditional culture, music and dance, particularly in urban areas.

1995-97          EcoTrip, the DIY Cultural Caravan, Founder, Artistic Coordinator, Events Promoter and Treasurer for a collective of cultural and environmental activists, raising awareness of issues of local cultural, social and  environmental empowerment at clubs, festivals and the local community of Brixton. I developed excellent contacts in the field of cultural education, acquiring skills and experience in the marketing and  administration of an arts and cultural education project.

1995- present          Kakatsitsi, Master Drummers from GhanaManager, organising and managing 14 successfulUK tours, responsible for handling all aspects of the marketing and management of the group.

1997- present          Indigenous People, a cultural and environmental education charity  working with traditional music and dance companies from Africa, Australia and elsewhere, highlighting the importance of preserving global bio-cultural diversity and reappraising notions of progress and development. The organization has worked with a large number of partners throughout the UK and has developed excellent links with the movement for global social justice, working with the Drop the Debt campaign at the 2001 G8 summit in Genoa and with the Make Poverty History Campaign in Edinburgh 2005, where Kakatsitsi led the march around the city.

1997-8          Freelance Journalist, writing on issues relating to African, alternative and dance culture and Green/protest politics for the Big Issue, West Africa, The Voice, Dream Creation and Mixmag magazines.

2001-02          The Liquid Spiral Collective – an underground ‘Conscious Partying’ organisation organizing multimedia arts installations in underground premises in London, attracting in excess of 2,000people.

2002-2005          The Synergy Projectco-founder and co-director. An umbrella organisation seeking to promote links between non-governmental organisations and artists, producers and promoters working on the alternative festival and clubs scene. Room Coordinator – programming an indigenous and world music space including all aspects of production management. Executive Committee member – responsible for financial planning, budgeting, marketing, press and public relations, venue liaison and organisational development.

2005-2009, 2015-18          The Synergy Centrefounder and co-director. The first Synergy Centre was a community arts centre in Camberwell with a strong creative and environment ethos. Its general purpose was to provide facilities for the local community as well as offering work-based learning opportunities in a number of different areas. The second Synergy Centre was in a disused and dilapidated former night club in Brighton which was used as a community music and arts venue until the building was demolished in 2018.

2010          Act for Change, Jamestown, Accra, Ghana – a pro bono consultant to a group of young theatre performers seeking to bring about behavioural change in a deprived community through the use of participatory theatre, helping them to raise funds to renovate a dilapidated warehouse in Jamestown into a local community theatre.

2015-present          Ghana Synergy – founder and director of a Ghana based NGO seeking to run venues and events to promote conscious and sustainable living and greater collaboration and partnership working within civil society.

2018-present          Ghana Music Awards UK – director, providing strategic development advice, financial and public relations support with a view to helping the Ghanaian music business access wider, international markets.

2018-present          Ghana Association of Traditional Performing Artists (GATPA) – founder and co-director, working with local traditional musicians and dancers to enable them to gain wider exposure, particularly in the international market.