Indigenous People, promoting well-being through community music and dance.

Indigenous People is an arts education charity specialising in tour and project management for traditional world music and dance groups, particularly from Africa. Based in Brighton, Indigenous People specialises in educational projects to promote a greater sense of well-being generated by participation in community based arts activities such as traditional drumming, dance and singing. The charity also seeks to preserve endangered traditional cultures by providing employment for traditional musicians and artists and raising awareness of the economic value of traditional culture in promoting development in impoverished communities in developing countries.


A montage of images taken over 7  Kakatsitsi tours between 2005 and 2017, set to an ‘Indigenous Remix’ of ‘Ogbame’

On our 2017 UK / Ireland tour, we delivered the following  :

  • Artists Employed – 12
  • Length of Tour – 25 weeks
  • School Days Delivered – 61.5
  • Children experiencing and educational performance – 14764
  • Children participating in an educational workshop – 12344
  • Venue / Festival Performances – 34
  • Total Venue / Performance audience – 10410
  • Venue / Festival Workshops – 38
  • Total Venue / Festival Workshop Participants – 1842


2019 UK & European touring

Building on the success of their 2017 tour, which included a main stage performance at the renowned WOMAD festival, the Kakatsitsi Master Drummers from Ghana will be returning to the UK in April 2019 where they will be touring, including making inroads in to the European festivals market.

Kakatsitsi and the !Gubi Family on the main stage at WOMAD, July 2017

They will be joined on tour by Mbilou, a Bwiti Nganga (spiritual healer, ceremony leader, musician and dancer) from Gabon. As far as we know, this will be first ever visit by an authentic Bwiti Nganga to the UK. Mbilou will shortly be coming to Ghana to rehearse and record with Kakatsitsi. Footage and tracks will be released as the project develops.

Mbilou, Bwiti Nganga

Kakatsitsi, Master Drummers from Ghana

Kakatsitsi are known for their funky, groovy and trancey style of drumming, designed to move western dance floors and built around the style of lead drummer Samuel ‘Injoly’ Addo. Their singing, led by Adotey Johnson also sets them aside from many other African drumming groups.


To see some pictures of the 2017 Kakatsitsi / Gubi UK tour including performances at WOMAD, please visit our Facebook page.

To watch videos of Kakatsitsi, please visit their Youtube Channel

To listen to Kakatsitsi’s music, please visit their Soundcloud Page

Please get in touch if you are interested in booking the group for a performance or educational workshops. A list of the many kinds of performances and workshops they deliver can be viewed here.

Kakatsitsi 2014 Findhorn recordings available online