Indigenous People, promoting well-being through community music and dance.

Indigenous People is an arts education charity specialising in tour and project management for traditional world music and dance groups, particularly from Africa. Based in Brighton, Indigenous People specialises in educational projects to promote a greater sense of well-being generated by participation in community based arts activities such as traditional drumming, dance and singing. The charity also seeks to preserve endangered traditional cultures by providing employment for traditional musicians and artists and raising awareness of the economic value of traditional culture in promoting development in impoverished communities in developing countries.

2017 Indigenous Supergroup UK and European Touring


Between May and October 2017, Indigenous People will be touring an ‘Indigenous Supergroup’ made up of 6 members of the Kakatsitsi Master Drummers from Ghana, 6 members of the !Gubi Family from Namibia and 2 Bwiti Nganga from Gabon.

Education 2017

Building on the success of the Kakatsitsi educational model, we will be offering a wide range of new educational performances and workshops including the !Gubis and Bwitis. For more information on Education 2017, please click here.

Kakatsitsi, Master Drummers from Ghana


To see some pictures of the 2015 Kakatsitsi UK tour, including performances at WOMAD, please visit our Facebook page.

To watch videos of Kakatsitsi, please visit their Youtube Channel

The group will next be returning to the UK in 2017 – please get in touch if you are interested in booking the group for a performance or educational workshops. A list of the many kinds of performances and workshops they deliver can be viewed here.


Kakatsitsi 2014 Findhorn recordings available online